Persian Rugs – Culture and Protection Weaved Into One

Persian rugs are an essential part of the Persian culture and art. These rugs constitute the major part of the exports of Persia or Iran. These are stylish and sophisticated material. They were invented four thousand years before in Egypt. These rugs not only add grandeur to the home decor but are also durable.

Weaving Style

These rugs can me made out of simple looms, either horizontal or vertical. Vertical looms are of three kinds, Tabriz, roller beam loom and village loom. Two basic knots are used. They are symmetrical Turkish or Ghiordes and asymmetrical Persian or Senneh knot. Persian knot is used for finer rugs. Other knots include Spanish knot


These rugs are divided into three types. Farsh or Qalii, Qalicheh, and Kilim. Art of weaving had undergone many changes from ancient to the modern times. Wool is the most commonly used material but cotton and silk are also used frequently. They are also classified as Persian city rugs and Persian tribal rugs.

Afshar rugs: These are designed with geometrical patterns. Wool is the main foundation, but can also be used. Colors used are dark red, reddish brown, burnt orange, and camel.

Tabriz rugs: These are designed with curvilinear patterns. Geometrical patterns are also used sometimes. Symmetrical Turkish knot is used. The foundation is usually silk and wool pile with silk highlights. Colors range from pink, peach, camel, blue, green, ivory, lavender, and orange.

Kashan rugs: These are of curvilinear design. The common background colors are usually navy, rich red, beige, and ivory.

Kerman rugs: These are also curvilinear patterns. These are popular for kerman pictorials which include floral, boteh, stripes, gardens etc. used from Persian and European themes. Colors range from rich red, red-blue, pink, lime green, ivory, and turquoise.

Baluch rugs: These are hand woven by baluch tribe. Colors are usually rich burgundy with navy, and ivory.

Shiraz rugs: These are hand woven rugs from Iran. Common designs are geometric motifs, animals, and plants. Red is the main color used.

Wiss rugs: These are tribal rugs with designs of rich floral patterns, gardens, vases, and foliage. Main color is dark shade of red or burgundy.

Persian rugs gained popularity throughout the world. They can enhance the beauty of the home. They can be used as wall hangings. They are mainly used floor coverings. They are simply inspiring. Increasing demand for the rugs create more excitement among dealers.

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